Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups

Are you looking to connect with a new community?

Join one of our local covenant groups!

What are Covenant Groups?

Covenant groups are an easy way to make friends and build community formed mostly around 8-10 people who commit to meeting together for 6 months at a time. They are usually formed geographically, but can also be formed based on identity (BIPOC, Queer, Age, Relationship Status, etc.) or special interest, such as (Parenting, Occupation, Sports, etc.).

Each covenant group decides how often and when to meet, but generally meet formally monthly, and informally as desired. Monthly get-togethers during the week are the most common. Meetings are usually held in people’s homes and have three basic elements:

  • Chalice Lighting and Check-In – This is usually a time that is opened with a reading and time of sharing when the members of covenant group share about their lives, loves, and losses, as well as any other significant goings on that they would like to share.
  • Meal – Sometimes, a host is selected to provide the entree, with everyone bringing a food or drink item to share. Other times meals are held at local restaurants or as potlucks.
  • Discussion – At the first meeting, the group selects a general set of topics. Topics that are often discussed include Theology, Spiritual Practice, Social Justice, Current Events, Family Life, Values, etc. Often, as the group gets more connected, the topic selections only provide a framework but discussions are more based on the need of the day.

Want to be a part of something larger or not ready to meet in person?

We will also be hosting online group connections once a month so that no matter where you or what your circumstances you can join us in community building.

Get More Information!

We are now forming a covenants group in the Denver Metro area and Southern California. If you would like to start a group in your area, or an identity or special interest group, please let us know. For more information, complete the form below.